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J. Jacobson - Los Angeles, CA (Suffered from arthritis and body pain)


"For many years I have been bothered by arthritis and have taken lots of Acetaminophen for pain.  My friend gave me this 'special medicine' (I call it jam) to see if it would help me.  Because I take a lot of  the medicine, I asked my doctor if it is ok to take this combination of the Wonder Molasses, Fenugreek and Sesame Jam.  My doctor said “YES”.  I have used one jar and almost finished the second.  I take just one spoonful, 3 times a day, usually spread on a piece of toast.  It really seems to help relive the pain in my feet, legs, back, and really all over.  Many days I do not find it necessary to take the Acetaminophen at all.  It has been great relief to me." 

D. Charlton - Inglewood, CA (Respiratory infection)

 "Thank you very much for this magic formula, I got rid of my Respiratory infection." 

R. S., Los Angeles, CA - NO MORE ACID REFLUX.


The Magic Trio helped me get rid of the acid reflux, gave me a lot of energy and I sleep like a baby.

I have been adding my Pharaoh Foods (molasses) to my energy smoothies in the morning...(banana, blue berries, almond/coconut milk, and 1 teaspoon of molasses)